Client & Testimonials


PBMM (Puradika Bongkar Muat Makmur) - Adaro

Denny Widianto

"Working with the MGM group has given us new experiences, mutual respect, mutual benefit, and commitment"

Muhammad Nugroho

"MGM is a reliable company with their excellent and competitive services. MGM always provide and fulfill AGM expectations."


AGM (Antang Gunung Meratus)


BRE (Bhumi Rantau Energi)

Lambok Damanik

"We are satisfied with the floating crane and barge services and coordination with MGM team quite well in Jakarta and operation field."

Dodi Elandhi

"Working in FC leasing is a job that requires good coordination either in operational or administrative. MGMaritim is a Floating Crane service provider for the dismantling of coal in SPOJ Suralaya, which is very much cooperative and communicative. Including when delivering information or receiving feedback from us as an employer. Thank you for the cooperation."


PT ADC (Artha Daya Coalindo)

PT Multi Tambangjaya Utama

Budi Prasetyo Wibowo

"From the very beginning of our collaboration, MGM Maritimes Services demonstrated their professionalism, expertise, and commitment to excellence. Their team of highly skilled and experienced stevedores not only possesses an in-depth knowledge of cargo handling but also understands the intricacies of our specific industry requirements. This level of proficiency has significantly contributed to streamlining our operations, resulting in improved productivity and cost-effectiveness."

Arista Eko Wibowo

"Exceptional customer support and timely deliveries!"

PT Trisensa Mineral Utama

PT Asmin Bara Bronang

Alvin Permana

"great support and very communicative"