We provide integrated logistic shipping services throughout Indonesia to meet your business needs.

FLF (Floating Loading Facility)

FLF is an integrated loading system designed to load coal from barges to bulk carriers when there are no docks or in situations where land terminal are not feasible for loading.

Our FLF has features that are not owned by regular floating cranes, such as:
· Guaranteed daily gross loading rate 30,000 MT of coal
· Capability to separate unwanted materials and contaminations, such as metals
· Capability to filter coal sizes
· Capability to weigh the coal load for more precise handling
· Specially designed for faster loading cycles
· FLF Process Video

Tug & Barge

MGMaritim operates and integrates more than 70 sets of tugs & barges measuring between 180 and 330 feet to serve loading into unsuitable ports for large ships.

Stevedoring Service

We are fully prepared to support Mother Vessel. We have variations of bulldozers and wheel loaders (eg. D3K CAT, D31E Komatsu, D4K CAT, D5 and CAT). MGMaritim is more than ready to serve offshore cargo, loading and/or unloading services to and from the Taboneo Anchorage in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan.

Ship Management

Scope of Capability:
- FLF / FC
- Tug & Barge
Technical Management
- A planned maintenance system for cost effective planning by maintaining and operating the vessel in a safe, reliable, efficient, and appropriate manner.
- Controlling fuel consumption and monitoring operating costs to be efficient.
- Monitor the performance of the ship through periodic reporting of ships by technical teams.
Crew management
- Recruit and provide certified crew who are highly trained and skilled.
- Manage crew rotations whenever required by principals, including follow-up during absences.

Ro-Ro Ferry

In late 2017, MGMaritim inaugurated 2 new Ro-Ro Ferries serving the Sumbawa-Lombok crossing called Garda Maritim I and Garda Maritim II. The Ro-Ro Ferry is equipped with convenient amenities such as air conditioned passenger cabin, multiple cable televisions, and public entertainment stage.

In addition, our Garda Maritim Ships also has a comfortable rest area, nursing room, canteen, mosque, clean water, clean toilets, and CCTV system to monitor all activity of ship. In addition, the 4,5 m high car deck makes this Ships become the highest deck vessel in the area and safe for all types of vehicles.

LCT (Landing Craft Transport)

Our landing craft can operate in shallow draft waters to facilitate the mobilization and demobilization of heavy equipment for stevedoring activity.


We have sailed across Indonesian waters, including inland rivers which are remote and hard to reach.

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Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (BKI)
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Angkutan Sungai Danau dan Penyeberangan (ASDP)

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Indonesia National Shipowners's Association (INSA)
Praktisi Maritim Indonesia (PRAMARIN)
Gabungan Pengusaha Angkutan Sungai, Danau dan Penyeberangan (Gapasdap)
Asosiasi Perusahaan Bongkar Muat Indonesia (APBMI)